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Eva Schloss (15 November 2018)
Your cast gave today a fantastic performance. The only thing that was missing was you. You would have been so proud of them. You must have changed a few small things since the last performance which made the performance even stronger and everybody was enthusiastic!
Much love, Eva

Liz Dyer on
***** - Five Stars
“The outstanding cast – Gemma Reynolds, Leo Graham, Bethan Kate-Tonkin and James Coupland – ensure that we feel every moment of their fear, pain and grief, and are themselves visibly shaken by the performance’s poignantly staged conclusion.
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Chris Omaweng on
***** - Five Stars
“At a time when sections of the Jewish community in Britain have raised concerns over what they believe, with some justification, to be a rise in anti-Semitism in certain quarters, this show could not be appropriate. This poignant and thought-provoking production is, perhaps inevitably, uncomfortable viewing at times. It is, however, worth seeing.”
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Audience Comments

‘The cast were fantastic again, and Eva said that it was one of the most powerful performances
of the play that she has seen.’
James Harrison, PSHE and Citizenship Coordinator, St Paul’s School, London

‘One of the most important events I have seen at my time in Wells - a production and story everyone needs to see. The huge impact on the students felt tangible in the space, as evidenced by the sensitive and beautifully observed Q & A. The story was almost uncomfortably close at times. This event will stay with me and those watching for many years to come. I want to thank you for this change you brought to the pupils at Wells, a performance attended by most of our pupils. I have had so many comments from staff.’ 
Damian Todres, Head of Performing Arts, Wells Cathedral School

'...June, it was stunning and has left an incredible impression on me. I've been to Auschwitz twice and to Anne Frank's house twice too and yet your production added a new layer of emotion and connection to those unimaginable events.'
Peter Kyle, MP for Hove and Portslade

'I just wanted to write to thank you and the Sussex Jewish Representatives Council for inviting us to the play
this week.  I thought it was excellent and the students were very moved and impressed with the whole event.
The combination of film and live action along with the variety of theatrical techniques used,
made it a  particularly poignant drama.  Having Eva Schloss give the question and answer session
was wonderful and a real privilege for us all.'
Elena Markham, Head of Performing Arts, Portslade Aldridge Community Academy

We would like to send you and your amazing team a very big thank you for your performances at Ralli Hall.
Many people have contacted us to say how very moved and impressed they were by them as, indeed, were we.
We wish you all continued success with this project in the future.
Jessica Rosenthal, Honorary Secretary, SJRC

'I think that the schools involved really got a lot from the performance, the back video worked and helped them understand the story more. When Eva came on the stage they were visibly moved and asked relevant questions. Eva then talked to them in the hall which was wonderful.
We said goodbye to the cast and June the producer with a lot of hugs and emotion.
I think it is one of the most important events we have been involved in.'
Sarah Wilks, SJRC Board Member

'It was just the right pitch, for a very large all inclusive gathering from old ones to young ones, the actors deserve a medal for continuing so well despite losing the photos that should have illustrated their narrative.
I am sure everyone went home having learned more about this
tragic, terrible time for the Jews in Europe.'
Claire Barsam

'We both felt honoured to be involved is such an inspirational event.
WELL DONE to all, a great achievement.'
Melanie and Simon Seligman

‘An unforgettable play.’

'I am also coming back down to earth and spent the journey driving up to London going over it all!'

‘This is an experience I will carry with me for a long time.’

‘Fantastic play, beautifully performed and directed. Very moving indeed.’
Clare Reddaway, playwright

'Brilliant, thought-provoking...relevant!'

'... a stunning piece of multimedia theatre..'

‘A great insight into the stories of two holocaust survivors, brilliantly brought to life by talented young actors.’

‘Great and moving play. Go see it!’


'...remarkably moving'!


‘Well worth your time.’

‘An amazing piece of theatre’ 

‘…brilliant! …no-one should miss out!’

‘a powerful and provocative play’

‘For me, the most memorable parts of the play were when parents were trying to protect their children from the unimaginable horrors which lurked inevitably around every corner. ‘

‘… It is moving, humbling and honest. Individual, personal stories, well-told by performances like this, preserve the impact of the textbook statistics and archive footage.’

‘There’s a stunned silence after the actors have left the stage.’

Review by Petra Schofield on

"And Then They Came for Me – Remembering the World of Anne Frank" by James Still  
Rondo Theatre, Bath, 24 February 2017

This multimedia play by James Still is a poignant and powerful reminder of the horrors of the Nazi atrocities and persecution of the Jewish community during World War 2. The play intertwines live drama with recorded documented interview with Eva Schloss and Ed Silverberg (Helmuth “Hello” Silberberg) whose story of escape and survival from the concentration camps is the central story.

Within their story is Anne Frank, whose diary has become one of the most important educational tools in recent history. Who was known to both Schloss and Silverberg and provides a pivotal link in their lives.

The interaction of the drama alongside the rolling DVD is well handled by the cast under the direction of June Trask. At times the reproduction of the sound is a little distracting but nonetheless the story is told with great simplicity and sincerity making the impact even more heartbreaking.

The young company are excellent. The multi role playing is hugely successful and the characters are all strong and committed.

Molly Campbell is a beguiling and youthful Anne, Patrick McAndrew as the Nazi Youth indoctrinated and full of belief is compelling. Katy Jane as Eva Schloss holds the central role well alongside Joshua Phillips.

This is a challenging and thought provoking piece, it is vitally important that it is seen and discussed. The repercussions of such prejudice and hatred cannot be underestimated. There is an ease in ignoring evil around us, to be quiet is to be compliant. Such depths of depravity and horror should never happen again, yet watching this piece it is easy to feel that history is very capable of repeating itself. It has rarely felt more relevant.