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Welcome to Moondog Productions, a company formed to get a message out to the UK. 

Many years ago, I was teaching theatre at a high school in California and did a production of James Still’s And Then They Came for Me: Remembering the World of Anne Frank about Eva Schloss and Ed Silverberg’s experiences as teenagers during the Holocaust. Fast-forward twenty years: two former students who were in that play went to see Eva Schloss speak in Los Angeles. After, they talked with her about their lasting memories and the impact their research, the play and the response to the production had and continues to have on them. They emailed me with photos and the privilege and excitement they felt that night. 

Because of this meeting, Eva contacted me when she returned to London and emailed me to ask if I would take the play on tour in the UK. This was in 2016.

Reading the newspapers, I had been disturbed and upset for some time now about the rise of far-right groups in Germany, in France, here in England and the US. When I received Eva’s request, I realised this was my way to fight back for decency and acceptance and working together in our world, at least in my corner of it.  And I said YES to Eva Schloss.

So, if you too are worried about ego-maniacal billionaires ignoring our freedoms in favour of money or worried about the withdrawal of Britain from Europe, or want to see your students, children and friends become aware of the dangers of the Holocaust and those re-emerging prejudices we are facing, find out how you can get us to your school, your organisation, your group, your theatre! Say YES!

The cast and I would love to meet you and present the moving and unforgettable play, And Then They Came for Me.

‘After the war, people said it would never happen again, and people didn’t want to talk about it—it was something that happened, let’s forget about it, now we live in a different life. What’s happening now in Bosnia and what’s happening in many other places…we’re still doing the same thing and again the world just looks on.’ - Eva Schloss

Below is a video feature about And Then They Came For Me
with an interview with Eva Schloss.

Eva Schoss with June Trask after a performance

Eva Schoss with June Trask after a performance